Autumn Tour

Students have taken the same exact 6 letters from the word, ‘L I S T E N‘ and made a new pattern .. . ..
Silence is a quality of Space.  Being silent and listening are practices that we share with each other.  Space is the greatest gift we can offer our friends.

SPACE creates opportunity for all SOUND *

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Elements Orchestra + SEVA International

Thank you Seva International.  We are happy to hear your song!

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Ayurvedic Institute & American Institute of Vedic Studies

WTM is excited & honored to tour Ayurveda schools this month with our teachers in NM.

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WTM Mobile Ayurvedic Smoothie Kitchen

WTM is on a short Food & Nourishment Education Tour as summer rolls in.  Listen for us parking in your neighborhood, with maSSage chair & Music to balance your dosha. We are excited to encourage best digestion per your needs.

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USA Kids House Tour 2016

Our school is on tour playing this music game with participating students.

The instruments each have specific characteristics that we express to create our song. a silence that brings freshness, spontaneity, adventure, discovery, compassion, reflection & joy.

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Master’s Tour

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Teaching My Ancestors 2016

WTM returns from our Rooftop Tour of Nepal!!                                              Teaching My Ancestors Winter Tour, recruiting 1008 students to our trauma-relief PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra.                                               Self-empowerment     & Music celebration extinguishes violence & self-desructive tendencies. 

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Prison Assistance

WTM collaborates with PA Nepal

Nepal 2016      Prisoner’s Assistance is a volunteer organization that temporarily fosters children from parents who have been sentenced to prison.

These children are simultaneously sentenced to prisons where they are living with their parents since there is no other place for them to go . . . until PA Nepal removes them and offers them a stay at a children’s home.

World Through Music partners with PA Nepal to bring Inspiration, concentration, magic & Music to these innocent Flowers.

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PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra – Nepal 2016 Soundtrack



This is a special presentation of music arranged with our collective Nepali students during this PMBO Tour of 22 orphanages, a monastery & a prison in Nepal this month.  Please enjoy as these children have contributed to this community global offering, for your ears and hearts.

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NEPAL Jan 2016      WTM brings Healing Temple Music to Children to relieve confusion & Inspire Hope with calming rejuvinating Music Meditation.  The Orchestra is an international contribution to peace + harmony among Listeners. Recently traveling from Ayurveda & Yoga Schools in India, we are trekking the villages of Nepal building community, environmental and Self-awareneSS. The Children Play a Music Game that gives them control over Creation & dissolution and gives them courage to live life freely & playfully. The musical characters of the Game are Earth, WaTeR, Fire, Air and Space and their relationship to each other. We personify these 5 Elements with Sound, namely of drums, shells, bells, cymbals, gongs and bowls. We experience, and communicate together, the movement into each proceSS and the movement into StilneSS. Together we learn to Listen to our own Creation of Silence, our heartbeat, our breath, & we are all left with a peaceful and creative relationship to each other, ourWorld and ourSelves.  This experience reminds us of the reality & the acceSSibility of our silent teacher & friend.

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