PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra – Nepal 2016 Soundtrack



This is a special presentation of music arranged with our collective Nepali students during this PMBO Tour of 22 orphanages, a monastery & a prison in Nepal this month.  Please enjoy as these children have contributed to this community global offering, for your ears and hearts.

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NEPAL Jan 2016      WTM brings Healing Temple Music to Children to relieve confusion & Inspire Hope with calming rejuvinating Music Meditation.  The Orchestra is an international contribution to peace + harmony among Listeners. Recently traveling from Ayurveda & Yoga Schools in India, we are trekking the villages of Nepal building community, environmental and Self-awareneSS. The Children Play a Music Game that gives them control over Creation & dissolution and gives them courage to live life freely & playfully. The musical characters of the Game are Earth, WaTeR, Fire, Air and Space and their relationship to each other. We personify these 5 Elements with Sound, namely of drums, shells, bells, cymbals, gongs and bowls. We experience, and communicate together, the movement into each proceSS and the movement into StilneSS. Together we learn to Listen to our own Creation of Silence, our heartbeat, our breath, & we are all left with a peaceful and creative relationship to each other, ourWorld and ourSelves.  This experience reminds us of the reality & the acceSSibility of our silent teacher & friend.

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WE CAME HERE 2B 2gether

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certification

Thank you Green’s Ayurveda School in Kozhikode, Kerala.
We are honored to receive your encouragements,
knowledge & friendships and welcoming us into your
homes, kitchens and families.


Thank you for Music & Medicine.


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Ayurveda Music 3Ayurveda Music 2

WTM is on tour presenting the Music of Ayurveda.            “PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra”   in Ayurveda & Yoga Schools in Southern India!!!

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WTM Asian “Elements” Tour 2015

IMG_1455IMG_2804WTM is teaching our ancestors thiS Summer & Winter 2015 in Asia. We are presenting our 5 Elements program in Ayurvedic schools, at Yoga retreats, Music Conservatories, in English schools & orphanages. Thank you for your support and participation.  We listen forward to returning to our community with our teachers and the Journeyed Wisdom BleSSings of our students.  Please join us on this Journey of Men, continuing the wisdom of our elders into our children.

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Thanku everyone 4 ur support + participation! thanku beautiful Nicaragua, aSSociateS+Sponsors, teacherS+Students 4 making WTM a growing thriving school in Central America, connecting students the world over, teaching stillneSS, movement, Sound + Silence* special thnx 2 for hosting us. We will return 2ur majestic trees, ur rainbow of birdsonghs & playful surf *

DSC00396DSC_9891DSC00367DSC_9887 DSC_9889 DSC00379 DSC00420DSC_9893

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Welcome Maharaj Trio

WTM is hostVaranasi Maharaj 5ing the Maharaj Trio this Autumn direct from Varanasi, India to Tulsa,  OK to share the experience of the oldest known civilization and to bridge our community with this international spectacle of life’s Wisdom Sound.  Listen here for some of the most ancient music and be with us as we tour Tulsa area schools and host workshops for all inspired souls*!home/mainPage

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Melodious PercuSSion Trio Concert & Workshop from India

WTM iS Sponsoring a workshop on Sunday May 3rd from 12pm – 2pm at pH Community House on 3rd & Phoenix.  3 teachers are coming direct from India, beginning their USA Spring tour here in Tulsa!  Come participate in this very special & unique Master ClaSS.  Presenters will be using djembe, Indian tabla and a unique set of bowls filled with WaTeR called jala tarang*  They are in concert hosted by our friends at PAC on Saturday May 2nd at 7 30pm.



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Spring 2015 claSSes at pH Community House

Spring DRUM CLASS at pH Community House   306 S Phoenix Ave, Tulsa, OK 74127        Instructor : Joshua MaSSad + special guests

thurs March 5                        week 1     Screen shot 2015-04-09 at 3.50.14 PM                                                                                             thurs March 12                      week 2                                                                                                 thurs March 19                     week 3                                                                                                 thurs March 26                    week 4                                                                                                   thurs April 2                        week 5                                                                                                   thurs April 9                      week 6                                                                                            thurs April 16                 week 7

thurs April 23                      week 8

5 15 – 6 30 beginning Music Class      6  35 – 8pm  advanced Rhythms

8 claSSes for $150 or $25 drop-ins     full+ partial scholarships are available b4 March 5th.
claSS material includes Moon Rhythms / excerpts from Sacred Sleep repertoire.

Screen shot 2015-04-09 at 3.50.49 PM

beginning students are encouraged to ask teacher permission to sit quietly + observe adv claSSes, while advanced students are welcome to participate before 6 35pm.

Adults, children, Parents, families + friends, dancers + politicians are encouraged to participate as registered students.  Observers/Listeners are also welcome to register.       please register and pay in full on day 1

ClaSSes are punctual and flow over; please be punctual and respectful.                                                              Instructor will be using djembes, although all instruments are Welcome.

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