World Through Music actively explores and develops the universal language of music as an educational and healing tool for people around the world. Through music, the wisdoms of life are communicated and experienced. Music is an integral characterisitc of every culture, and through music, the knowledge, values and beliefs of various cultures can be explored and appreciated.

World Through Music has offered the gift of music from around the world to over 100,000 children in America, Asia, Europe and Africa since 2001.  As a mobile school, visiting schools and community centers, WTM continues its training and collaboration with musicians & educators internationally to bring the knowledge and healing of the world’s musical traditions to the global community.

The foundation succeeds in offering education to children internationally without economic, geographic or linguistic restrictions.  With music as a tool, students explore geography and varying world cultures and languages, reevaluate their own and make educated comparisons, acknowledging lifestyle similarities.

Music as self-expression contributes to our self-awareness and the capacity to understand our emotional perspectives in relation to our environment, our world & our community.  Understanding contributes to our thoughtful response rather than to an impulsive reaction.  We must be aware that all action has cause and has effect.  Our personal decisions affect our well-being and the well-being of our global reality.  Finding balance and harmony with our ever-changing environment, with each other and with ourselves, we are motivated to persevere in the face of discouragement.

WTM creates a foundation in individuals & communities for healthy relationships based on creative communication with patience & the willingness to listen & compromise.

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