Every human being has the right to clean drinking water.  WTM is dedicated to empowering humanity with this truth and contributing to its reality.

We are taught that the highest honor one can offer his guests upon arrival is a tall glass of fresh water.  This is also the simplest contribution for many of us that have such resources.

Every human has a right to a shower to purify the body in preparation for both the ‘real world’ and for a sound peaceful sleep.

WTM encourages its students to share the gift of water.  Rain makes things grow. As part of the cultural exchange project, students offer Still 68the sound of water to their peers in other parts of the world.  http://vimeo.com/34004569

Using rainsticks to contribute to a musical experience is both magical & intuitive.  This gift of music opens our hearts immediately and can be realized by all without regard to experience or special talent.

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