Sacred Sleep

SS Ballet is in rehearsals and we would like you to participate!  Come to our open claSSes and sponsor us in your child’s school.

A new album celebrating the bridge connecting healthy living & healthy sleeping is in the works and is scheduled for release soon.

We Play lullaby’s for the people & make them to be Children again. We have always Played w them to make them relax & feel safe, unafraid, nt to feel lonely bt to let go of fear of being insignificant & vulnerable and to embrace thWonder of this infinite possibility, & eventually to know intuitively that we are connected to these Mysterious Cosmos and we eSSentially have within us thHeart of a Buddha.  We Play for their Sound Sleep.  We Play for their healing dreamtime.

Sacred Sleep is a lullaby-rock world-music children’s album and will feature musicians & dancers from many corners of the world, as well as children from around the world.  All compositions were dreamt into reality by Joshua MaSSad and his family of dancers.

Take a listen to this sleepy track.  We are deep within dream as Ananda Tandavan sets our reality into fantasy.

Order your copy on our Participate page.  …soon.


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