Journey of Man

World Through Music returns to USA to provide educational concerts to thousands of students.  Since 2005, WTM has spent each Spring and each Autumn in America offering educational concerts & workshops & has played for over 10,000 students each year. Collaborating with local music, dance & art teachers, this summer will include the production of the children’s interactive program, Beats To Bridge: A Cultural Exchange Through Music and the 2nd of this series, B2B:  Journey of Man.
While in India performing & researching and delivering the instruments built by American students, Beats To Bridge is continuing the WTM mission, teaching thousands of children through the culture of sound.
The intention and success of WTM has been teaching internationally for inspiration, service & knowledge and to experience the return to USA to present our discoveries with our community of children.
WTM spends each winter teaching children from the villages of the oldest civilizations in the world, visiting as many as 35 classes, presenting the children with music from various parts of the world. Through musical interaction, geography is introduced and explored, and the students have fun singing and learning. Use of a globe and a map of India stimulate geographical and comparative observation.
The goals of WTM are to creatively teach and inspire children, and to motivate life-long learning and creative application to life’s challenges. It is very important that students not be excluded due to economic, linguistic or locational challenges. Teaching in very remote village schools far from the city, where there are often no walls of the classroom, seldom any resources such as books or maps and where the children do not speak English, is an opportunity to exercise our project goals. Collaborating with local musicians and by recording and producing the programs, WTM consciously contributes to the social and economic society of these oldest continuously inhabited societies on Earth.
“Yesterday, I visited an orphanage with a local flute player. As I was teaching the children a welcome song from Africa, the flute player noticing how similar the African melody is to a local Indian song, celebrated the Indian tune with the students. The children experienced a bridging between cultures and enjoyed a great musical experience facilitated by the two musicians.”
Using these experiences of creative communication, WTM is better equipped to present musical education & story-telling without a great need for verbal communication, appealing to a greater international audience.
Music is a means for a greater appreciation of other cultures, which offers people insight about their own culture. Unique and important and relative interpretations are made. People become inspired to contribute to their own community, reflecting that their story too is worthy to be shared one day.
World Through Music and Project Creates:
have offered to the 6th & 7th grade students at Clinton Middle School in Tulsa, OK a direct relationship with the students from India. WTM implemented a six-step process with Clinton students during November and December of 2010, exposing them to traditional values in the context of various cultures.
The program included:
1) Earning the trust of the students by fascinating them with music during their free time
2) An auditorium slideshow presentation exposing the students to musicians and students from a variety of cultures, with special emphasis on my Indian students
3) An intimate explanation of the meanings and structure within a musical language, the origins of musical practices and the instruments used, a discussion as to why music is made – with cultural interpretation, an introduction to music as vibration and in relation to movement
4) Creating instruments from raw materials, learning to play these instruments
5) A dance class intended to establish a student’s relationship with his body, recognizing the potential & meaning of his movement
6) Application during performance choreographed with these instruments on stage with a professional world music group.







The students built their instruments with the intentions of offering them as a gift to Indian students. WTM will again carry these instruments to India and offer them, along with a complete photo journal of the Beats To Bridge process to the Indian students. The Indian students will be encouraged to offer handcrafted instruments from available resources to send with WTM back to America.




Relationships with Americans will continue progressing while WTM is in India. Using modern communication whenever available, WTM will check in with our American students giving them a direct link to India, the situations that they are involved in and the relationships that they have formed.

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