Beats To Bridge

This is an interactive presentation that visits different regions in the world through their musical cultures.  Geography and cultural lifestyles will be introduced in an exciting adventure through sound discovery.  Once several cultures have been identified, we will use their specific musical identities and create relationships through musical dialog.  These relationships will be built on creative communication.  Though these cultures may not share many similar qualities, it will be very clear that they cooperate through music. Beats 2 Bridge presents how music has given many cultures, unique from one another, the opportunity to exchange ideas, and the opportunity for creative and peaceful communication.

We will introduce the cultures that WTM has formed personal relationships with over the last two decades of traveling, researching, performing, teaching and communicating through musical collaborations.  We will offer the students an opportunity to join us in music.

World Through Music presents the magical experience of unification through music.  Languages are specific to a region and one cannot often understand another‘s verbal language, which can limit human interaction.  Music too, as we present it, is specific to a region, yet it can easily be interpreted by every human being on the planet.  We can all share this one form of communication, which happens to be very intriguing and brings people together on many creative levels.
Music and the study of culture always inspire students to actively engage in research and discussion within and outside of the classroom and stimulates personal perception and reflection.  This experience will enhance the student’s critical thinking skills as unexpected connections between cultures and sounds are made. As new and imagined worlds are presented, alternative points of view will be considered, and complexities will be simplified.

The discovery of sound is very important.  This approach is taken by breaking down all of the actual materials that contribute to a certain sound, and then reassembling them into an instrument worthy of mastering, manipulating it to express an idea.  With this basic understanding of sound creation, the concepts of making music and of communicating become simple.  The concept of self-expression applies to every art form.  All artistic challenges are unique, we must educate our students how to make sound decisions. These students will be involved in the whole artistic process, which includes making decisions with professional musicians.  Combining sounds to compliment each other, we will give students the tools to determine why one sound combination may be preferred over another to establish harmony.

The participating students are not limited to our stage performance or even the appropriate lesson plans.  They are invited to become an essential part of the community that WTM is building.  WTM will be in India in Winter and will be sharing similar musical experiences with students there.  Bridges will truly be built and realized when WTM returns to USA to further its mission and share again with American students.  Building this international community is essential for these intentions to realize.  We are exchanging experiences with our students in USA, India & throughout the world.  Creating Space & hearing it get filled.
These children belong to a greater expanding community.  So their problems are not their own to endure.  We share this world and we can share in the healing together.  If only we can hear this song and our contribution..  This foundation builds the character of our future leaders.
World Through Music is celebrating the world’s cultures while educating students of all nations & all ages through the gift of extraordinary music.  Being so specific and yet so expansive, this program offers so many participatory opportunities, to classroom teachers, implementing teachers & students involved.

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