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Welcome to the World Through Music,
a mindfulness school of Music, Yoga & Performing Arts
encouraging mindfulneSs practices with musical exploration 
sharing our discoveries as a community.
We teach & practice music as therapy.
We honor sound as per Ayurveda, as a source for Inspiration, story-telling + rebalancing;
expreSsing & healing ourselves, our community & our planet.
We honor music as an expression of vibrations
which regulate our moods, our relationships & our health.
WTM teaches listening.
We especially honor listening because listening becomes compassion.
Becoming more compassionate within our humanity is the intention of our community.
We especially honor silence, because silence teaches us to be better listeners.
We are often silent as a community
experience music creatively as a form of communication.
We observe becoming better communicators
a stronger community as we learn to observe music, sound & vibration.
Complimentary intentions of WTM,
as students, teachers & collaborators, we are preparing for world tour.
On tour, WTM continues teaching & collaborating
workshops & events
within our international community.
WTM is a recording school.
Recording + listening, we are able to further observe & refine our sound
while observing the sounds of our environment.
Our sound recordings are created w intention as gifts for our hosts & community while on tour;
as a meSsage of hope, determination, compaSsion, forgiveneSs, gratitude & community.
We are currently recording
rehearsing to tour an event called SacredSleep.

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