Current Touring Interactive Presentations 2018

“5 Elements Orchestra”

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We observe how their characteristics make up the world and ourselves & how we all share this relationship.  Presenting each Element with musical characteristics to help recognize & identify their qualities, we invite our students to play music with these instruments made by other students & brought here from the Himalayas.  As the magic and power of self-control & communal responsibility unfolds, this Music promotes listening and encourages silence.

Celebrating Africa

Welcome to African culture and lifestyle through the traditional Music of this great continent. Playing instruments from Africa, speaker will present music the same way it has been taught for centuries – by call and response &. Unique forms of communication are expressed in a peaceful & creative environment. Students participate to make music together.

“Birth of a Civilization”

In the heart of India lies one of the oldest civilizations in the world still thriving today very much like it did 5,000 yrs ago.  Varanasi has a rich heritage that we can all observe. Presenter will transport students back in time & space to this ancient city to recognize languages, music and other forms of communication that have developed into now. Students will notice the importance of the great rivers and mountains.  We listen to music that had been composed many generations ago and observe the sound of thriving communities.  Presenting special string and skin instruments from India & exploring the intention of melody, rhythm & emotion in music.

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