Journey of WTM

WTM has been sharing the message of peaceful and creative communication to students and audiences around the world since 1997.

Traveling the world researching how a culture expresses its health through music and healing with sound, and while exploring the movement, stillness & silence of a culture, we observe how a community inspires each part of itself, which games or dramas its members pursue & how they relate to foreigners. Discovering that the happiness of a community is represented by its skillful & creative approach to problem-solving, and its capacity for listening, director Joshua Massad is privileged with a life of musical service. Founded as a touring school, World Through Music is designed to deliver the vibration of hope, dedication & of universal compassion by sharing the musical stories of various communities with students worldwide.

Currently touring the world teaching children, World Through Music continues its service as an international mobile education center which aims to progressively reach as many children as possible with the message of peaceful & creative communication.  We are training participants to become better listeners, so that we can become better musicians and learn to observe the world as it really is.

During childhood, Joshua was fortunate to be surrounded by music & believes children can greatly benefit from a musical environment. Following the motivation to find the source of a powerful rhythm, we may find resolve deep within song.  As we continue to follow the path of interesting sounds around the world, we meet many interesting musicians and teachers.  Information transferred through music may contain a vibration other than that through common speech.  The Music itself is our teacher, and this knowledge, understanding & awareness we receive pertains to all of life and equips us with the tools we need to create harmony with life’s melodies.

Studying and performing the music of various cultures by teaching their youth, Massad & WTM return to their native community to share these new discoveries.  This journey and our community who journeys with us create a unique and special sound.  Our song is here to be heard & we welcome you to listen with us.

Documenting & contributing to the indigenous music of each society while writing, directing, and choreographing are an integral focus of our intentions. Combining teaching and performing on the stage & in the classroom, we educate & inspire people around the world while overcoming common communication barriers. Activities include arranging percussion for ensembles, composing music for dance, movies & theatre, teaching percussion workshops and facilitating sound meditations.

Our ensembles represent the music of a global community.
A few previous original stage collaborations include:

Call of the Conch (2001-2004), Universal Language (2004-2008), The UnDespondency of Arjuna (2004-2010), Dreamtime Spectacular (2005), A Musical Conversation (2008-2010), Harvest Dance (2010-2012), Beats2Bridge (2010-2014), Sacred Sleep (2012-2016), PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra (2014-2017), WiNDchimes, Rainstix & Umbrellas (2017).

Teaching music & yoga since 2001, we have built a strong relationship with educators and students worldwide. After 8 years from 2001-2008 of touring & teaching through self- & community-expression, WTM is founded to maintain the international student-body of nearly 10,000 students per year . Without restricting our student population due to money, location, language or else, WTM reaches children often in poverty, with physical & mental challenges, imprisoned, english-as-2nd, 3rd or 4th-language students, in high-risk situations, and also in yoga schools, elementary, high-schools and colleges, in nursing homes, prisons & orphanages.

WTM has been acquiring the experiences necessary by teaching children and collaborating with local musicians, learning the music specific to each region. In a world of over 7.5billion, that has doubled its population since 1970, with so much musical, linguistic, dietary & expressive variety, it is clear that music crosses boundaries and creates bridges. It is the goal of World Through Music to creatively bring this global harmony to students.

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