PanchMahaBhuta Orchestra

Earth WaTeRPMBOrchestra is an international collaboration, facilitated by students & their teachers.  Using music, dance, yoga & Ayurvedic story-telling, listeners  expreSS the Creation Story through the 5 Elements.  We journey from Sound into Silence & from movement into stillneSS.  Hearing the sound of each Element and their transitions into other each other, we observe their tonal + rhythmic relationships.  Collectively we bring sound into creation & eventually we dissolve into Space.
Each Element has within it some perspective of other Elemental characteristics.  Our 5 characters interact with each other  and form qualities that we can recognize.  Outside & inside, WiND creates friction and heats to a Fire that eventually melts into liquid, eventually cooling off, solidifies into Earth.

On Earth, we’re always dancing & only when we dissolve our earthen, liquidy, firey, and gaseous qualities are we left in the complete vast stillness of Space.
Listen hear
Here we witness our own breath, our own heartbeat, we may hear a Flower grow.  Soundless Sound is present and we experience the magic of Creation & that first deep breath.
Recognizing these Elements dancing, we are in harmony.

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