Cultural Exchange Through Music

World Through Music (WTM) presents the world through musical exploration and interaction with children and offers the discovery of the world through observation of musical tradition & by direct experience.

WTM assists and motivates the development of the student’s capacity to Listen, encouraging lifelong learners, and creative problem-solvers for our future.

A mobile school, WTM shares the world’s creative, musical cultures and inspires creative, peaceful forms of communication.
A society expresses & identifies itself through art and music and the quality of giving.  The state of education determines the future of a society. WTM interacts with a culture by listening for its pulse, and complimenting its growth.

Through the means of an early childhood cultural exchange, students from different nations grow into their relationship with one another.  As their interest in communicating develops, the students strengthen their international community.

WTM shares this unique experience with an international family of students and teachers, dancers, creative givers and receivers.

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