Join the WTM experience and encourage the discovery of music being made to the sound of bridges being built.

Our current goal is to sponsor 50 additional schools to complete the 2017 PanchMahaBhuta Ancestors World Tour.

This is a list of additional projects where you can participate in 2016 ::

Mask Project
BELL Project
WTM 5 Elements Ancestors Asian Tour
The Singing Bowl Kwhyor Project
“Community Spiritualization” South American Tour
Maharaj SS Project Autumn Beats 2 Bridge Tulsa Tour + Recording
Sacred Strings Project (w Tulsa Symphony Orchestra)
WTM Mobile Music Truck Tour
WTM “5 ELEMENTS” Winter Tour
Wind Chime Installation PROJECT
SS Ballet Foundation
SS 4 disc Recording Project
WTM & Student Instrument Project djembes, baSSdrums, bells, shakers –                                                                                      5 ELEMENTS ORCHESTRA
KALIMBA KWYOIR   /   Singing Bowls Kwyoir
RAINSTIK & Umbrellas Project
WTM Spring Regional Tour 2016
Sitar Baba Fund May 2016
WTM SummerCamp 2016
WTM drum-building Summer 2016
WTM Tulsa Autumn Tour 2016
WTM mobile S American Winter Tour 2016
WTM School & Studio
WTM is available to offer free concerts and presentations while visiting your country.
Sponsor a school presentation in your area.
Join our teaching staff.


mail love letters to: World Through Music
2513 East 25th Street, Tulsa, OK 74114 USA

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