Teaching My Ancestors

Teaching My Ancestor video

WTM engages a mobile school to gather experiences from the creative culture of communication and information exchange between diverse settings of children.

Teaching My Ancestors began in Varanasi, India in 2008. Since Varanasi has been continuously inhabited for over 3500 yrs, it serves as a natural environment for discovering humanity and creating strong relationships.

Working as cultural ambassador, WTM has put into place a communication system between children in usa and those in india.

Visiting rural village schools with a few instruments and a couple of maps, WTM presents peaceful and creative forms of communication with children who do not speak a common language.

This exposure to world cultures, languages & customs, and through interactive musical story telling, establishes within our students’ a broader vocabulary, sense of geography, universal tolerance, internal rhythm & co-operation among peers .  They may be more equipped, motivated & patient for the creative peaceful communication (games) of our future.

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